Larry Hart

Video Meditations

Video series of very brief Lenten meditations



This is a video series of Lenten meditations. Which has one meditation for each day. Beginning with Ash Wednesday running through Easter Sunday.

As a practice, Father Larry urges you to view and meditate on only one new meditation each day in order for it to be the most spiritually helpful.

So then, one a day as to not overcrowd your heart and mind.


1st Day


2nd Day


3rd Day


4th Day


5th Day


6th Day


7th Day


8th Day


9th Day


10th Day


11th Day


12th Day


13th Day


14th Day


15th Day


16th Day


17th Day


18th Day


19th Day


20th Day


21st Day


22nd Day


23rd Day


24th Day


25th Day


26th Day


27th Day


28th Day


29th Day


30th Day


31st Day


32nd Day


33rd Day


34th Day


35th Day


36th Day


37th Day


38th Day


39th Day


40th Day


41st Day


42nd Day


43rd Day


44th Day


45th Day


46th Day


47th Day